Vizant is a business intelligence and thought leadership firm with a specialty expertise in the areas of financial operations, treasury management and inbound and outbound business payments. Vizant partners with its clients to implement actionable and real world solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce the structural costs of financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions. Vizant’s business model is truly unique and it stands alone in the world of financial and professional services firms. We stand behind our solutions with a 100% performance based fee model that clearly validates our expertise.

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Brief Overview

What We Deliver Advocacy and Partnership

When you call yourself an Advocate, you better know what it means. defines Advocate as follows:

  • A person who argues for or supports a cause or policy
  • A person who works for a cause or a group
  • A person who argues for the cause of another person in a court of law
  • One that pleads the cause of another
  • One that defends or maintains a cause or proposal
  • One that supports or promotes the interests in another

Advocacy for our clients forms the nucleus of our professional services

Every single minute of every single day, Vizant is entrenched in the vast banking, financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions ecosystems. We operate as the only advocate in these complex and large environments. We stand tall and firm as the only organization that is 100% independent and solely focused on the needs, requirements and interests of our client.

We are proud to state this: This statement is clear: We are never conflicted by any banking, financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions services provider in the marketplace. Why? We are 100% service provider agnostic. This keeps our head and focus clear and ensures that our recommendations and solutions are client driven. 

Our crusading attitude on behalf of our clients is one of our defining qualities

When a company touts its activism and proactive nature in an industry, it better back it up with an unchallenged level of professionalism, unblemished reputation and years of successful execution on behalf of its clients. Our natural inclination towards taking preemptive measures for our clients would be of no value if it was not buttressed by our recognition in the banking, financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions world. We are an expert and unrelenting advocate for our clients.

Partnership and collaboration are a foundational force in our company. While our diligence as an advocate is unquestioned, our advocacy in representing our clients is never outweighed by our singular focus on a long term and enduring partnership with our clients. We never lose focus of the fact that the relationships we forge with a client supersede any actions that we may or may not take on their behalf. It is why we work so hard to secure the confidence and support from our clients, before we commence any initiatives on their behalf.

Partnership efforts are most beneficial when both parties embrace the goals of the relationship

Our clients engage us for our many reasons, with our unchallenged position in thought leadership and business intelligence being the most important. However, the financial results we deliver for our clients are what we are known for…they are the driving force of our business. When our partnership commences, we work diligently to identify and establish the joint goals, initiatives and desired outcome of our alliance. It is a simple fact that any business relationship works much better when both parties are 100% aligned.

The existing relationships that our clients have forged with their banking, financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions providers are always at the top of our minds

Just as we work hard to maintain relationships with our clients, we are always cognizant of the relationships our clients have established with their existing service providers. While we never lose focus on our advocacy position in the marketplace, we go about our business with a ‘client first’ emphasis. Our quest is never ending in our efforts to bring clarity and fairness to the very complex and often incestuous payments, banking and treasury industries. However, in the end, our goal is to improve existing client relationships so that all parties can benefit from a higher level and more balanced relationship.

We are known for our knowledge, our professionalism and our relationship building efforts

When Vizant is engaged, those in the industry know that our client has signed on with a true expert and thought leader. Our reputation as the preeminent financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions expert precedes us. All of the important service providers and players in the marketplace know Vizant rather well. They know who we are and what we do.

Vizant people know how to build and maintain relationships, as we do it every day.

Our ‘know-how’ and our ‘get it done’ mentality is what defines us.

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