Vizant is a business intelligence and thought leadership firm with a specialty expertise in the areas of financial operations, treasury management and inbound and outbound business payments. Vizant partners with its clients to implement actionable and real world solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce the structural costs of financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions. Vizant’s business model is truly unique and it stands alone in the world of financial and professional services firms. We stand behind our solutions with a 100% performance based fee model that clearly validates our expertise.

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Brief Overview

Technical Know-How Treasury Management

Treasury Management includes a wide range of responsibilities. The Treasurer, along with the CFO and finance team, are tasked with the most critical mission of protecting the financial assets of an organization

Treasury management embraces a wide range of functions and duties, spanning the gamut from cash management to business payments to regulatory compliance. These duties touch every financial aspect of an organization and include the following responsibilities:

  • Cash management
  • Banking and treasury costs
  • Treasury operations, processes and procedures
  • Working capital management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Accounts payable management
  • Liquidity management
  • Inbound and outbound payments
  • Internal and external risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • External and internal investments
  • Debt, equity, securities and capital raising
  • Financial planning and analysis

Vizant’s knowledge and expertise in treasury management is wide-ranging. Our Treasury Focus is very select and includes: cash management, banking and treasury costs, treasury operations, processes and procedures, working capital management, liquidity management and inbound and outbound payments.

Vizant DOES not operate or advise its clients in the areas of:  risk management, regulatory compliance, investments or equity/debt securities. Vizant’s thought leadership and business solutions are concentrated on improving and maximizing efficiencies and reducing the ongoing and structural costs of treasury operations and treasury management.

In today’s world, treasury staffing has become very lean, even as new responsibilities have been added to the function. This places increased internal pressures on all finance people, teams and departments.

The world of treasury, corporate finance and financial operations is changing rapidly.  When it comes to handling and managing corporate treasury functions, even Fortune 1000 companies typically only have a small number of staff dedicated to this area. In fact, in the vast majority of middle market organizations, the actual treasury function is generally often handled by the finance and accounting team.

In reality, the Treasurer has become the Co-CFO in corporate America for many companies. The role has expanded to include all of the processes, procedures, systems and functions that “touch” the financial value and the money coming into, being managed and being sent out of an enterprise.

Treasurers need to be more than the “lead cash manager” or the “liquidity and working capital expert”. Finance department structures are morphing and resources are decreasing, all at the same time when demands and outputs are increasing. Despite the increased role of the Treasurer, there is typically limited resource allocation and it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve best practices and the associated maximization of cost efficiency in treasury functions. Treasurers must change and adapt, they must think and act like the CFO…they must integrate themselves into AND with senior leadership.

Vizant and its team of treasury professionals and financial operations experts will serve as your partner and work at your side. Our goal is simple: To ensure that your organization is operating as efficiently as possible, in all aspects of treasury operations.

The efficiency and the direct and indirect costs of treasury operations are often not very clear to an organization’s financial and management team…Vizant delivers clarity, efficiency improvements and cost reductions to treasury operations.

Treasury operations have become increasingly complex and costly

Treasurers must know all the processes, procedures and systems that touch and impact every dollar that flows into and out of the organization. Treasury operations are no longer JUST about cash collecting, cash concentration and cash disbursing. Every “touch point” of every dollar of financial value must be on the treasurer’s radar.

All of these forces now combine to create new and increased treasury costs and their associated inefficiencies.

For today’s treasurer, while there are now many options for managing the flow of corporate funds and all of the systems that impact treasury, expertise is now required in not just one area, but multiple areas of treasury. This changing and more complex operating environment has resulted in higher costs to do what was once very simple: collect funds, manage funds and disburse funds.

Treasury, banking and every 3rd party relationship are absolutely critical to every organization

At Vizant, we are service and solution provider ‘agnostic’. What does this mean? We DO NOT prefer, select, recommend or encourage any business partner or solutions provider or financial services provider technology solutions provider.  We will treat all of your current and any new third party relationship in a most respectful and professional manner.  It is who we are.

When you partner with Vizant, we can assure you that your treasury operations will operate and perform at the highest level of efficiency that is attainable. We are renowned for implementing actionable and real world solutions that drive both immediate and long term financial benefits.

Vizant is unlike any other thought leader or financial services:

  • We do not engage with our clients on a project or fixed basis.
  • We stand behind our solutions with a performance based fee model.
  • We do not offer up ideas and recommendations and then ask our clients to figure them out and implement them on their own.
  • We outline and then implement personalized, customized and real-world solutions for our clients.
  • We are not compensated for any work until our client realizes a financial benefit from the new dollars we deliver to their organization.

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