Treasury Operations and Treasury Management represent a wide range of financial functions

At its core, the Treasury area, whether a separate department or handled by the finance and accounting staff, has the same goals of other financial management roles: manage  assets, maximize working capital, minimize risk of financial assets, manage and guide investments, manage and control cash, and improve the utilization of assets in the organizations.

Vizant’s Treasury Advisory Services are centered on certain aspects of Treasury Operations: efficiency improvements, process improvements and the reduction of the short and long term direct and indirect costs of treasury operations.

Vizant is NOT an investment advisor and does not advise its Client in this area of Treasury.

Our Professional Services are not about replacing internal treasury and finance functions…we are concentrated on supplementing internal resources

The business world is replete with too many stories of advisors, consultants and experts attempting to re-engineer organizations’ existing operations. We do not believe in this approach. We understand this very basic premise: our clients are educated, know their business and are surely qualified to perform their duties. We are here to supplement our client’s expertise.

Even if you have achieved 90% efficiency in your treasury operations, we guarantee to deliver the final 10%. It is why we are so often engaged by Fortune 1000 companies.

At Vizant, our mission is clear: to complement and augment your existing level of knowledge, staffing and in-house expertise. We know that every finance professional is tasked with ever increasing duties and responsibilities, across many financial disciplines. We want to work at your side as your valued partner and expert and, most importantly, make your job much easier.

Finance and treasury professionals are increasingly facing people resource limitations

Over the last few years, finance and treasury professionals have been confronted with two (2) colliding forces: increased duties involving many different financial disciplines and reduced or limited staffing levels. The result is this: most financial and treasury professionals only have time to address the most pressing or time-sensitive issues. This often results in areas of finance and treasury efficiency not receiving the full level of attention that is warranted.

Vizant’s model is built so that we work at your side and complement your organization. We do not add work, tasks, duties or costs to your operations. Our model and compensation is “additive” to your budget. This is the main benefit of a results based advisory firm.

Our professional services are about deploying Thought Leadership and Actionable Solutions to your treasury operations

Our expertise in the key facets of treasury functions and operations is very deep. It encompasses the efficiency, cost analysis and cost reduction of the most important aspects of treasury and financial management, including: treasury services, cash management, banking services, inbound payments,, outbound payment, e-commerce, and all aspects and services around the  inbound, management and outbound flow of monies into and out of your organizations.

We are distinctive in the realm of experts, advisory firms and thought leaders

We stand firmly behind the ideas, solutions and recommendations that we provide to our clients. Many firms make similar statements and pronouncements, but they cannot really back it up. Their model is based on typical project and fixed fee based engagements. They are compensated regardless of whether their solutions and ideas are practical or not. Their mantra is to secure more and more project engagements. They offer up ideas, but have no skin in the game as to whether their solutions can actually be implemented.

At Vizant, we are so confident in our leadership position in treasury operations that we are only compensated if we actually implement our ideas and solutions. With a results based (pay-for-performance) services model, we do not earn a single penny, unless our clients actually realize a benefit from our partnership. As stated, we are ‘additive’ to the budget of our clients.

Our bedrock principles are to Identify and Implement real world, personalized and actionable solutions for our clients.

When you partner with Vizant, we will work to ensure that your treasury operations are the most cost efficient they can be. Our goal is to maintain this cost structure and efficiency for years to come, no matter how the treasury and financial landscape may change.

We work aggressively to identify, quantify and implement the solutions and recommendations that we identify for our clients. We always work on these solutions at the pace our client dictates. Most importantly, we perform all the heavy lifting around our cost efficiency and cost reduction initiatives, without staff and business interruptions.

Our Professional Services commence our partnership with a deep and analytical dive into our client’s current and historical treasury operations environment. Our initial findings are clearly communicated with a very detailed and comprehensive report: Payments, Treasury and Financial Operations Assessment and Solutions Report (Initial Report). This Initial Report will serve as the foundation of our partnership. It includes specific and actionable strategies and solutions that will collectively result in maximizing the efficiency and reducing and eliminating the costs of your treasury operations.

Every month during the term of our partnership, we continue to deliver additional services and solutions. Just as your environment changes, so does the world of treasury operations. We provide ongoing monthly analysis, assessment, reporting, advice, analysis and education. Most importantly, we continue to advise and implement real world and actionable strategies in your treasury operations.

Your banking and treasury relationships are always part of our mindset

We understand that our clients have developed important relationships with their treasury and banking services providers. Our people have years of experience in treasury, treasury services, banking and cash management. We are very skilled at navigating these relationships. We are focused on strengthening your existing relationships by providing an unequaled level of insight and knowledge.

Our many professionals come from BOTH the Practitioner and the Service Provider world. They include Banking Executives, Treasurers, CFO’s, Analysts and many industry veterans – people who have been there and done that.

Partnering with Vizant will ensure your organization is leading the way in treasury operations efficiency and its overall cost structure.