We take our role as a “Thought Leader” and “Expert” in Payments very seriously.

Vizant is dedicated to delivering the highest level of inbound and outbound payments advice and thought leadership to our clients. If you label yourself as an Expert, you had better be able to deliver unparalleled intelligence and perspicacity every minute of every day.

Our mission is clear: To apply our acumen in order to stimulate and implement insightful and actionable solutions for our clients. Not just any ideas or solutions, but ones that impact the timing of payments, the efficiency of payments and the costs of payments.

The only attributes more important to us than being Experts and Thought Leaders are being your business partners and unrelenting advocates for your business interests.

We never let our expertise get to our heads. We know that every client has knowledge and insights of their own. Our goal is to bring the ‘highest level” of payments intelligence and perspectives to our clients. However, the business needs and requirements of our clients will always outweigh any idea, solution or point of views of ours.

As an unrelenting advocate for our clients, we never lose focus on this singular point: our expertise and prowess in inbound and outbound payments is utilized most effectively when integrated and combined with the needs and requirements of our clients.

We understand that most of our clients may feel they operate at a cost structure and level of efficiency that may be typical or standard for their industry or business. We add value by working to ensure that we drive your cost and efficiency structure to the next level. For instance, if a client of Vizant has already achieved 80% efficiency in controlling costs of its payments operations, we guarantee we will deliver the final 20%. It is why Fortune 1000 companies engage us.

Our professional advisory services are intensely concentrated on the overall efficiency, timing and cost optimization of an organization’s inbound and outbound payments environment.

Vizant’s professional services are all-encompassing and include an evaluation, assessment and customized analytical review of our clients’ inbound and outbound payments environment. This includes payment acceptance practices, internal payment systems, external payment systems, payment processes and procedures, payment methods, payment types, and payment timing. Additionally, we do a deep dive into what impacts efficiency and costs of all facets of inbound and outbound payments. This is what we call our “Holistic Payments Approach”.

Vizant’s professional services are thorough, meticulous and comprehensive.

We apply our thought leadership, analytical tools, processes, methods, intellectual property, efficiency acumen, process and control expertise, cost analysis expertise, industry knowledge and technical expertise for every client we work with. Most importantly, for each and every client, we bring to the table the experience and knowledge gained from thousands of prior engagements as well as our unrivaled position as a thought leader in every aspect of B2B and B2C payments.

Vizant will work diligently to identify, quantify, recommend and implement solutions and strategies that are designed and customized to the client’s unique payments environment and the industry in which they operate. Our goal is for every client to operate payments best practices and achieve maximum cost efficiency in all components of their inbound and outbound payments.

While our Thought Leadership may be unrivaled, we are not just about theory. We provide real world-based detailed ideas and actionable solutions, complemented by practical and financially sound actions.

Our professional services: What We Do

We commence our business partnership with you by embarking on a deep and analytical dive into your current and past history of inbound and outbound payments operations and environment. Our initial findings are clearly communicated with a very detailed and comprehensive INITIAL REPORT called a Payments and Treasury Assessment and Recommendations Report. This Initial Report serves as the foundation of our business partnership. It includes specific and actionable strategies and solutions that will collectively result in maximizing efficiency and reducing and/or eliminating some of the costs of inbound and outbound payment costs.

Every month during the term of our partnership, we will continue to deliver additional services and solutions. Just as your payments environment changes, so do developments in the world of payments and treasury. For example, a Vizant- recommended solution that may not apply in the first year of our partnership may very well apply in the 3rd year of our partnership.

Furthermore, we provide ongoing monthly analysis, assessment, reporting, advice and education. Most importantly, we continue to advise and implement real world actionable strategies and solutions for the reduction and/or elimination of payments costs.

Vizant stands alone in the world of thought leaders, experts and professional services firms.

The vast majority of experts and consulting firms deliver vague, ambiguous, and often theoretical ideas and advice to their clients. Often, these ideas and recommendations cannot be implemented without changing the operational nature of the business. Their recommendations tend to be so high level and impractical that they can be fundamentally disconnected from the everyday business and operational needs of their clients. Vizant does not deliver a ‘Report’ to you that simply lists all of the steps you should take to improve your payments environment. We take the reins, and by working with you, actually implement our solutions and ideas. That is how we are compensated: by creating Actionable Solutions for your financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions.

Our motto is ‘Actionable Ideas’ and ‘Real World’ Solutions.

Furthermore, when we implement our recommended solutions we only do so at the pace and direction dictated by our clients. Most importantly, we perform all the heavy lifting around our efficiency and cost reduction initiatives, all in an effort to secure timely and measurable results. We work this way so our clients can remain focused on their organizational needs while we concentrate on reducing their payments costs and maximizing payments operation efficiency.