Financial Operations form the bedrock of every organization, and it is defined as follows: The processes, procedures, people, systems, resources, operations and costs that commence when a dollar value of revenue is created, through the process and flow of funds and information through your organization.

Our Professional Services are not about replacing your internal financial operations functions.

Finance professionals are confronted with an increasing level of financial responsibility, coupled with constant demands to reduce costs and staffing levels. The result is this: most finance professionals only have time to address the most pressing and/or time-sensitive issues.

This makes it very difficult to find time or resources to truly assess and evaluate the overall efficiency of Financial Operations in their organization. Vizant becomes an extension of the financial leadership team, working at your side and complementing your expertise.

Most importantly, we do not add work, tasks, duties or costs to your operations. Our model and compensation is “additive” to your budget. This is the main benefit of a results based or gain share “thought leader”.

Our professional services are about implementing Business Intelligence Solutions that are both Real World and Actionable.

Our proven expertise in financial operations is multi-faceted, multi-layered and very deep.   It encompasses every single aspect of every process, procedure, system, direct cost and indirect cost of every dollar that flows through your organization.

The real costs of your financial operations are never clearly or easily identifiable on any financial analysis spreadsheet or other internal analysis: they are almost always buried deep within your processes, systems and procedures. This is where Vizant focuses its expertise and thought leadership solutions.

We are a rare breed in the world of experts and thought leaders. Why?

Vizant stands firmly behind its ideas, solutions and recommendations with its gain share business model: you only pay us a share of the new dollars and financial returns we deliver to your bottom line.   Who else can support their claims as to expertise and leadership position in financial operations with a results based (pay-for-performance) services model? No one can!  We are 100% ‘additive’ to the budget of our clients.

Our core business model is based on identifying and then implementing customized and real financial operations solutions for our clients.

We work aggressively to identify, quantify and implement the solutions and recommendations that we identify for our clients. We always work on these solutions at the pace our client dictates. Most importantly, we perform all the heavy lifting around our efficiency improvement and cost reduction initiatives, without staff and business interruptions.

Our Team Based Professional Services commence with an intensely thorough analytical dive into your financial operations.

Our Initial Report: Payments, Treasury and Financial Operations Assessment and Solutions Report (Initial Report) will serve as the foundation of our partnership. It includes specific and actionable strategies and solutions that will collectively result in maximizing the efficiency and reducing and eliminating the costs of your financial operations.

But this is just the beginning of our work. We will dedicate an ongoing team of professionals who will consistently evaluate and assess your organization, so that we can continue to deliver financial solutions.  As your environment changes, we will change with you.

We provide ongoing monthly analysis, assessment, reporting, advice, analysis and education. Most importantly, we continue to advise and implement real world and actionable strategies in your treasury operations.

Our many professionals come from BOTH the Practitioner and the Service Provider world. They include Banking Executives, Treasurers, CFO’s, Analysts and many industry veterans – people who have been there and done that.

Partnering with Vizant will ensure your organization is best in class and leading the way in financial operations efficiency.