Vizant is a business intelligence and thought leadership firm with a specialty expertise in the areas of financial operations, treasury management and inbound and outbound business payments. Vizant partners with its clients to implement actionable and real world solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce the structural costs of financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions. Vizant’s business model is truly unique and it stands alone in the world of financial and professional services firms. We stand behind our solutions with a 100% performance based fee model that clearly validates our expertise.

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Vizant Makes Splash in Healthcare at HFMA ANI 2016

At the end of June, Vizant sponsored and participated in the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s National Institute (HMFA ANI) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The week long annual conference brings together various healthcare financial management executives and leaders to discuss new and innovative ways to be more efficient in their cost managements. Vizant has helped thousands of clients in the healthcare industry implement efficiency improvements and reduce costs, so we thought it was imperative to be a part of HFMA. We demonstrated our thought leadership and business intelligence with a one of a kind booth, exclusive sponsorship of featured speaker sessions and continental breakfast on Tuesday, LunchByte Sessions as well as the TechBar.

Our one of a kind booth consisted of a 20×20 foot space that simulated a hospital, which attracted many attendees. We had hospital beds, a waiting area, IV stands, models, lollipops, even a George Clooney impersonator dressed up as Dr. Doug Ross from the famous TV show, E.R.  We also had a photo booth, where attendees could take pictures with their friends, George Clooney, and the Models. With a hospital theme, we were able to give out Financial Operations Pain Points and Wellness Exams to the attendees that came to our booth.  A combination of the aesthetically appealing elements and the wellness exam intrigued many attendees to come in and talk to our representatives in depth about their inefficiencies and “pain points” within their financial operations and learn how Vizant can help with implementing real world solutions to their inefficiencies. We were able to connect with over 30 people from different organizations, that all scored below a 70 percent on their exam.

As exclusive sponsors of the HFMA Tech Bar, we were able to provide technology support to the attendees and introduce them to innovative technologies that they might not have already experienced. The TechBar also provided a charging station, so attendees could recharge their tablets and phones. The Tech Bar staff provided the help with the technology and we assisted them.  

As exclusive sponsors of the LunchByte Sessions, Vizant was able to bring innovation to the healthcare and medical industry.  During lunch throughout the conference, the TechBar staff would give how-to presentations on the latest gadget, social media trend or application. Our Vice President of Business Development, Aeron Sharp, gave an entertaining presentation about Vizant that included video clips to lighten the mood.

As an exclusive sponsor of the Featured Speakers Sessions and Continental Breakfast on Tuesday, We not only provided breakfast to the 3,300 attendees, but we provided a phone pouch, executive summary and healthcare brochure for each attendee. We also introduced the three speakers, that all had new and innovative ways of thinking about the costs and finances in the healthcare and medical industries. The three speakers, Thomas Lee, Paul Keckley, and Sachin Jain all brought thought provoking and innovative concepts on where the finances of the healthcare and medical industries are going and how to have an impact on changing their high-cost paths.

Vizant’s presence was felt throughout the HFMA ANI conference. We were able to introduce how we reach our real world solutions that have had so much success with our current clients in the healthcare industry and how we might be able to help them if they engage with us. Our healthcare industry presence ranges from hospitals to medical insurers to pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. We thoroughly enjoyed bringing ourselves to the forefront of the healthcare industry financial management professionals, as experts and advisors on efficiencies and cost reduction management. We look forward to seeing everyone at HFMA ANI 2017!