Vizant is a business intelligence and thought leadership firm with a specialty expertise in the areas of financial operations, treasury management and inbound and outbound business payments. Vizant partners with its clients to implement actionable and real world solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce the structural costs of financial operations, treasury management and business payment functions. Vizant’s business model is truly unique and it stands alone in the world of financial and professional services firms. We stand behind our solutions with a 100% performance based fee model that clearly validates our expertise.

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Clients - Testimonials


"Our team specifically sought Vizant’s expertise with implementing actionable, real world solutions enabling Humana to drive efficiency and reduce the ongoing cost of its financial operations, treasury management and payments functions….Vizant supports Humana with a robust, dedicated team of seasoned industry veterans and corporate practitioners with decades of experience."


"Amtrak brought Vizant in to analyze, evaluate and provide actionable solutions that we could immediately utilize."

Premera Blue Cross

"We selected Vizant to be our partner, advisor and expert in all matters related to payments and treasury operations. They have been keenly focused on efficiency and maximization in our payments area. They identified, recommended and implemented solutions with actionable strategies, all within our current environment."

Philadelphia Insurance Companies – niche provider of commercial property and casualty insurance

"We believe that integrity and mutual respect are the foundation of long-term and fulfilling relationships with our employees, customers and business partners. We have been impressed with Vizant's entire process."


"We are pleased to say that Vizant is one of Amtrak's trusted outside advisors."

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – world-renowned university

"MIT's mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world. Our relationship with Vizant Technologies and the services they provide has helped us to serve and focus on our mission."

Jelly Belly Candy Company – a top 100 Global Candy Company

"It has been beneficial in multiple ways to have a true expert at our disposal for questions on industry updates and changes. The Vizant team is continuously researching and reviewing ways to reduce our costs and create efficiencies within our environment."

Seattle Seahawks – NFL pro sports team

"We were highly impressed with their level of industry knowledge, and their dedication to their mission of uncovering cost savings for their clients"

Washington Post – a $4 billion diversified education and media company

"While we felt we had fairly good knowledge of the costs of accepting financial payments and treasury operations, the analysis from Vizant opened our eyes to other areas of potential cost reduction that we were not fully aware of or knew how to implement."


"Vizant spent time learning and understanding our often times complicated and diverse business operations."

YMCA – worldwide organization with more than 58 million beneficiaries

"We unequivocally recommend Vizant Technologies to any organization that is seeking an individualized approach towards reducing the cost of financial payments and treasury operations."


"Amtrak finds Vizant's ongoing advice, consultation, reporting and analytics to be 'best in class'."

The Seattle Times

"We selected Vizant to be our partner, advisor and expert in all matters related to payments. Their presence in the newspaper sector, impressive client list, and results based business model were the key reasons for our partnership. From day one, Vizant has been focused on cost efficiency and cost maximization in our financial payments."

Digi-Key Corporation – electronic components distributor with $1.5B in sales

"We contracted with Vizant to complete a thorough analysis of our payment processing environment, including a review of our international processing. We are pleased to endorse them and would recommend them to any organization."

Media General

"Vizant provided us with numerous viable strategies and took the lead in implementing their solutions which in turn led to significant cost reductions for Media General. Vizant’s industry knowledge and proficiency was an asset as it helped us navigate through complex payment system requirements and their timely analysis proved invaluable."

RC Willey – a Berkshire Hathaway company

"Their proficiency and expertise, along with their professional approach, yielded substantial cost reductions for R.C. Willey, without us having to dedicate significant time or resources to the project."

Philadelphia Museum of Art – one of the largest museums in the United States

"The Museum's resources are limited and it strives to operate in the most cost efficient manner possible. In that regard, its relationship with Vizant Technologies and the services it provides has helped the Museum to achieve its mission."

Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota – a charitable organization dedicated to helping people train for and find work

"Our Vizant team analyzed our financial payments acceptance environment and provided us with comprehensive, detailed and actionable strategies and solutions which enabled our organization to substantially reduce its acceptance costs."

Jefferson Health System – Greater Philadelphia’s largest health care system

"The experience and industry relationships that Vizant brought to the table were instrumental in obtaining the favorable results we have seen."

USC (University of Southern California) – a leading private research university

"Vizant offers a unique payments advisory service that is independent of and not affiliated with any bank or processor or other entity. We appreciated the fact that they had to bring actual savings to us in order to get compensated. "

Lifeway – one of the world’s largest retailers of Christian products and services

"From the beginning, Vizant has delivered on their promise to reduce and manage our overall payment processing costs. Throughout our relationship, they have delivered tangible results and demonstrated that they are industry experts. "

George Mason University – located just outside Washington, D.C., GMU boasts over 80 undergraduate programs and students from 135 countries

"We strongly recommend Vizant Technologies to any merchant that is interested in managing their financial payments and acceptance costs."

Jefferson Health System – Greater Philadelphia’s largest health care system

"Before we brought Vizant on as our industry consultant, we felt we had a pretty good grasp on our payments environment. Their in-depth industry knowledge and proficiency helped us navigate through the complexities and helped us formulate a strategy best suited to meet our needs. "

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – world-renowned university

"Vizant has been a great addition to our team. Their analysis of our payments environments and the associated costs not only advised us of the cost reduction opportunities available, but also walked us through how to go about realizing them."

Jelly Belly Candy Company – a top 100 Global Candy Company

"Vizant was able to identify ways we could make changes to our internal process, and most importantly, they were able to turn the recommendations into actual results."

The Expo Group – a tradeshow and exhibition general contractor

"In the world today, it can be difficult to distinguish one company from another. Vizant Technologies is the exception to this rule. "

United Way – a non-profit in 45 countries with 11 million donors

"Like all organizations, the United Way is looking for ways to reduce expenses and add efficiencies. Vizant made the process painless and effortless. Their findings were clear and concise and they laid out the steps necessary to realize the cost reduction opportunities that they identified."

RC Willey – a Berkshire Hathaway company

"The Vizant Account team is accessible every single day providing relevant and timely industry information and advice. They work diligently every month to ensure that we remain at the lowest possible cost."

RC Willey – a Berkshire Hathaway company

"When first approached, we had some reservations about their pay-for-performance service model and thought it sounded too good to be true. However, we have been pleased with both the experience and the results achieved to date."

Philadelphia Insurance Companies – niche provider of commercial property and casualty insurance

"Even though our payments environment is quite complicated with multiple systems and vendor relationships in place, Vizant was able to uncover meaningful cost reduction opportunities."

City of Norwalk, CA

"Throughout the sales process, I was told of the successes of many Vizant Clients, but I was skeptical that Vizant could provide us with similar results. We are thrilled by the results and have been surprised and delighted by the outcome."

Appraisal Institute – global association of real estate appraisers

"I chose to partner with Vizant because of my past experience with them at another organization in which I served as CFO. In my second experience, they proved their reputation as the leading industry expert and achieved significant cost reductions for my organization."

American Marketing Association – trusted marketing resource for 30,000 members

"Our vendor relationships are very valuable to us. Initially, we had concerns on how this process might affect these relationships. In the end, Vizant's professionalism, experience and proficiency in communicating with our vendor contacts were a major asset. They knew exactly how to handle the situation in order to present our issues and to maintain the relationships that we've developed."

YMCA – worldwide organization with more than 58 million beneficiaries

"The Vizant team was proficient right from the start. They provided us with a comprehensive report which clearly identified cost reduction opportunities, as well as the steps necessary to realize the cost reduction they presented to us. They are a pleasure to work with and they provide a high level of expertise and professionalism."

Philadelphia Insurance Companies – niche provider of commercial property and casualty insurance

"The ongoing client management has been extremely valuable to us and provides additional opportunities to decrease our costs."

Knowledge Universe

"Vizant invested time in learning and understanding our diverse business operations prior to making and recommendations to KU."

Knowledge Universe

"Vizant has provided ongoing and actionable strategies, solutions and ideas that have collectively resulted in substantial cost efficiency and cost reduction realization dollars to KU. Their ongoing advice, consultation, reporting and analytics are an invaluable resource to the entire KU team."

Rotary International – non-profit with 1.2 million members worldwide

"The team at Vizant brings a level of knowledge and expertise that cannot be surpassed."

Knowledge Universe

"While our internal resources are vast and our people are very talented, we understand that it is important at times to partner with outside thought leaders and advisory firms. To this end, we entered into a long term partnership with Vizant."


"Humana has come to rely upon Vizant’s expertise and considers them a trusted advisor. Vizant has been a valued partner for many years who continues to deliver meaningful results and financial benefit. Vizant provides us with a peace of mind in knowing that our internal processes, procedures, technology and solutions are in line with industry standards and best practices."

The Expo Group – a tradeshow and exhibition general contractor

"Their final presentation was easy to understand and clearly showed us ways to reduce our costs."

University of Arkansas at Monticello

"The report summarized the findings of their in-depth analysis of our financial payment acceptance environment, provided an overview of the payments industry and outlined detailed, actionable strategies and solutions to add efficiencies and reduce acceptance costs."

Temple University

"While working with Vizant, they gathered all applicable data related to our treasury and payments environment, performed an in-depth audit and analysis, and delivered a customized report with detailed recommendations and attainable solutions. Their recommendations enabled us to introduce additional efficiencies within our payment-management environment."

City of Burbank, California

"We are pleased with what Vizant has done to achieve immediate results around costs and fee savings in our outbound payments. Their knowledge and expertise in the payments area is extensive and it has been refreshing to work with a true advisor and trusted partner that is truly looking out for our best interests."

"Vizant identified solutions which, when implemented, have resulted in tremendous cost reductions and efficiencies for our organization."

Goodwill of Fort Worth

"We explicitly recommend Vizant to any organization seeking a customized, individualized approach toward maximizing efficiencies, aligning internal processes and procedures with industry best practices and reducing the ongoing cost of payments and treasury functions."

The City of Hermiston

"The team at Vizant provided an in-depth evaluation and assessment of our payments, treasury and financial operations environment and quickly began working to reduce our indirect/direct costs. Our City deeply appreciates the professionalism and customized approach we have received from the Vizant Team."

"The knowledge and expertise of Vizant is apparent and refreshing. Vizant has partnered with us to achieve proper alignment of payment type methods within our payments environment and ensuring we attain the greatest optimal process as well as lowest possible cost to accept, manage and process every type of payment."

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